MRC provides record label services to music companies, artists & rights holders. The MRC team come from a background in Internet and Mobile technology startups as well as the traditional music industry.

You probably have never heard of MRC, thats just fine. We are the backroom team of label-heads, accountants, A&R, admin, promotions and royalty experts. We enable our partner labels, letting them focus on the music whilst we do everything else. Across the labels we represent we amount to the size of a large independent record label. We release around 40-60 new, fresh albums per year, around 3-4 singles a week, a large amount of re-releases and secure a Synch placement every week or two. Our proprietary set of technology helps us do this with a high degree of effciency.

For our label customers we make revenues from physical sales, music licensing, synch licensing, mobile downloads & Internet downloads.

The concept of the record label is important to us & our label customers. We see it as a crucial genre, style and segmentation concept in an increasingly channel-rich media landscape.

MRC has developed a set of proprietary technology to assist its label customers. Systems deployed to date include 1) Greenlist Total Release Management, 2) Release Center Promo System & 3) Content Platform & 4) Music licensing music matching search engine.

Our business model see us earn our revenue from partnering with record labels, artists and rights holders and sharing in the revenues which are generated. We are particularly keen to hear from partners who can work within mutually beneficial arrangements, whether they are existing record labels, catalogue owners, music publishers and managers. However if you have something else you believe would be of interest to us, then please feel free to contact us.

Key Figures

As a quick indication and overview of MRC, here are some key numbers and metrics;

  1. Labels Managed: 45
  2. Masters Under Management: 55000+
  3. Worldwide Number 1 Singles: 2
  4. European Number 1 Singles: 3
  5. European Top 40 Singles: 42
  6. Total Compilation Sales containing MRC managed track: 53.4 million

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