Are You A Record Label?
No. We provide record label services to rights holders, artists and record labels. We do not own any music or publishing copyrights, we manage them on behalf of our customers. We provide full physical, mobile and online distribution. Over 70% of our current sales involve a physical product in the sales chain. We have real world PR, promotions and plugging departments and real offices.
Can You Run My Label For Me?
Well we sure hope so, that is our business. Please send us more info. Typically we do not charge fixed fees for our services, we take a percentage of revenue earned. Because of this any label opportunity has to be large enough to warrant the significant investment we would make into running it.
Why is your Website so Boring?
MRC is a background / back office organization. All style and creative energy goes into the labels & artists we work for. If you are reading this site then you are probably an artist or a music industry person. Visit the labels we work for.... Thats the exciting stuff!.
I have a demo, I would like to send it to you?
All of the labels we work for have demo submission sections and we would encourage you to visit one of our labels.