Resources for Artists

Music and the artists that make it are the most piece of the jigsaw. The relationship between the fan and the artist we believe is the most important relationship. Our role work with artist and/or label, to create, distribute and market your music to the best of our ability.

Some of the benefits we can offer you and your music include:

  • Long Term focus on your music.
  • Synch and licensing teams pushing your music to get it placed in films, computer games and TV
  • The re-press of all your material on short run "limited edition CDs"
  • Your track placed in all major download stores around the world. We have direct relationships and our own teams do the uploading and promotion work. We do not use aggregators so we do not lost 20-30% of the revenue before it even hits us.
  • Your songs sold via worldwide distribution partners
  • Your physical releases stocked in label web stores to enable fans to buy them long after they sell out from the main store shelves.
  • Dedicated Marketing and promotion teams for both online and traditional media