Resources for Digital Stores / Sites

If you are Digital download site / store services who wish to carry content please contact us. We have songs, videos & in some cases lyrics and samples / parts from the tracks.

  • The catalog is stored in digital format. We store 5 versions of each song, 16 Bit CD quality WAV, 320K Mp3, 128k Mp3, 2 minute clip and 45 second clip
  • We also store several pieces of artwork for each release along with mobile wall paper and ring tone files for the big sellers.
  • We have full meta data for all releases.
  • The labels we work with do not require copy protection for releases. Record Companies sell millions of unprotected tracks every day (in the form of CDs) why restrict digital growth by placing sales inhibitors on their biggest asset.

Resources for Physical Stores

We love digital music however nothing quite beats the real thing... Over 70% of our sales at the present time involve a physical disc somewhere in the chain. We love physical media, we love CDs, and we really love vinyl.

  • We produce CD and vinyl for the majority of the artists and labels we work with. We distribute via various distributors. We use the most relevant distributor for the sound of the record label.
  • Although we primarily work with distributors we also work direct with larger physical stores.
  • As well as full run CDs we also produce “Limited Run CDs” for just about all of our music. Limited CDs (or LCDs) take advantages of the advances in short run duplication and printing technology.