At MRC we assist TV, Film & Advertising find relavent music according to their criteria.

Recently we have placed music with 20th Century Fox, Puma, Activision, Sony, EA Sports, Air Canada, Universal, Marybou, DC, Eristoff, Volkswagen, Hugo Boss, Lexus, O2, ABC, Chanel, Adiddas, Armani, Mango, Alfa Romeo, Miller Lite, Toyota, Jaguar, Intel, Hyundai, Range Rover, MTV, Coca Cola, ER, Gucci, Capcom, FIFA, LG and many TV shows such as CSI Miami, Numb3rs, Sex In The City, Brothers and Sisters to name but a few.

  • We represent a wide catalog in a variety of genres.
  • We provide fast clearances of both Master and Publishing
  • We respond tyipcally within 24 hours and we can get you the master almost immediately via FTP or Weblink (via our content platform)