Our Technology Platform

MRC utilizes four pieces of proprietary technology which aid in promotion of music and also aid in the low cost of operation.

(1) Greenlist Total Release Management is a work flow engine which automates and schedules up to 1000 tasks for the release of record from A&R conception to full digital and physical release. It allows virtual teams to cooperate, share information and work both in the office and remote environment. At any one time typically the system is managing over 100 releases in a controled and scheduled environment.

(2) Release Center is a secure promotional service for record labels and rights owners to promote their music to DJs, press and radio. It services weblinks and tracks feedback and downloads

(3) Content Platform stores our label customers music in a secure online platform. It enables downloads, searches inquiries and archiving in a multi data center arrangement.

(4) Music Licencing system allows music users such as TV, game and film companies search, preview and sort music appropriate to their synch requirement.