under management

Our systems store all our recordings on a cloud based platform with full label copy, lyrics, artwork, bios, mood maps, and describing meta data. We distribute direct to retail platforms such as Itunes, Spotify, Youtube, Google, Amazon and a host of others. Our systems also host online stores, social media plug ins and promotional tools.



we collect royalties for

We collect royalties for our artists and stakeholders over multiple territories and a multitude of offline and online distribution methods; Digital streaming and online royalties, publishing copyrights, airplay and neighbouring rights as well as sync. As well as releasing and managing music digitally we also actively manufacture vinyl, CD and other physical means so your music can be heard, seen and felt.



under our management

An example of some of the labels we operate; Africa Seven, August Day, Bearfunk, Botchit, Celluloid, Distinctive, Distance, Hooj Choons, Genetic, Melodica, Music For Cocktails, Northern Exposure, Nang, Nuphonic, People In The Sky, React, Studio Rockers, Tirk, Underwater, United Recordings and Y4K. To name but a few…. Want us to run your record label? then please contact us.


Sync Placements

in Movies, TV, Video Games and Commercials

We help TV, Film & Advertising find relevant music. We represent a wide catalog in a variety of genres. Recently we have placed music with 20th Century Fox, Louis Vutton, Puma, Activision, Sony, EA Sports, Air Canada, Universal, Marybou, DC, Eristoff, Volkswagen, Hugo Boss, Lexus, O2, ABC, Chanel, Adiddas, Armani, Mango, Alfa Romeo, Miller Lite, Toyota, Jaguar, Intel, Hyundai, Range Rover, MTV, Coca Cola, ER, Gucci, Capcom, FIFA, LG and many TV shows such as CSI Miami, Numb3rs, Sex In The City, Brothers and Sisters to name but a few.


Number 1 singles

around the world

The catalog we represent is wide and deep across a multitude of genres. Across that spectrum of music we are very fortunate to have worked with many several number 1 selling artists, 3 Grammy award winners and recordings which have hit the number 1 spot 23 times around the world.

0 Million

Compilation Sales

containing our tracks

The catalog we represent appears on a multitude of compilations and collections around the world. If you add up the sales of all those compilations it really adds up. We actively promote the music in our catlaog. "Back" catalog can be "Active" catalog if you describe it, catalog it and disperse it to the correct people. We have custom-designed, cloud based platforms to do exactly this. Want us to work your back catalog? then please contact us.

MRC was formed in 2008. We provide record label services to music companies, artists & rights holders. The MRC team come from a background in Internet and Mobile technology startups as well as the traditional music industry. You probably have never heard of MRC, that’s just fine. We are the backroom team of label-heads, accountants, A&R, admin, promotions and royalty experts. We enable our partner labels, letting them focus on the music whilst we do everything else. Across the labels we represent we amount to the size of a large independent record label. We release around 40-60 new, fresh albums per year, around 10-15 singles a month, a large amount of re-releases and secure a Synch placement every week or two. Our business model see us earn our revenue from partnering with rights holders. We work on a revenue share basis, sharing revenue from physical sales, music licensing, synch licensing, video, downloads and streaming.

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